My approach is to work as a partnership with you in therapy.  I take an active role to assist you in overcoming internal conflict or emotional difficulties that prevent you from gaining the satisfaction in life that you desire.  


I specialise in ISTDP (Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy).  ISTDP is supported by empirically validated research.  ISTDP is informed by neuroscience, attachment theory and psychodynamic theory.  It is an accelerated approach that is consistent with recent neuroscientific evidence on how the adult brain changes. 


Many people feel anxious or defensive when they first meet with a Psychologist.  The anxiety you experience in session is used to direct us to explore the emotional engine that drives your difficulties and the ways that you defend against this system that often results in you feeling "stuck" or "stagnant" in your life today.  Meaning is derived from direct experiencing of your complex emotions in session and will often result in freedom from crippling anxiety, defences and symptoms.  


Please take the time to look around this site and call me if you would like book a consultation.  I look  forward to meeting with you....... Leanne. 

Leanne Casey Psychologist


Southern Gold Coast



Leanne Casey, Psychologist offers confidential counselling specialising in ISTDP.


Medicare rebates are available with a current Mental Health Care Plan.  Health fund rebates may be available - check with your provider.


Leanne Casey - 0403 158 535

Kirra office: 07 5599 1339

E: lcaseyconsulting@gmail.com

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